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Mary Griffiths 

Fine Art Sculpture BA Central School of Art

Bronze Casting Diploma Foundry Royal College of Art


Mary Griffiths, studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central School London, graduating in 1984. 

Mary’s work has always been based on observation. She uses drawing, clay and painting to celebrate all manifestations of the human form, human heads, as well as animals and landscape. Mary has continued to draw and explore form through  a range of different media such as charcoal, chalk, pastel, collage, watercolour, print making and sculpting in clay.

Mary lives and works in South East London. She is a member of the Blackheath Arts Society.

Recent exhibitions

Blackheath Concert Halls with the Blackheath Art Society December 2021

artFix Greenwich Solo show April 2022

St Michaels Art Gallery December 2021 and June 2022

If you are interested in buying any of the work here or in commissioning a piece of work please contact Mary using the contact form on the contact page, or message her on instagram, Instagram@maryaspdengriffiths

All prices shown exclude post and packaging.

Mary Griffiths
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